Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

Where have I been?

It is ages ago that I was posting here. Okay, six month to be more precise. However, where have I been? I mean, I wasn't really away, but I was just busy with real life things, you know, so I just couldn't take the time to take care of my blog.  

I quit my job end of last year and started a new one, which is always not only super exciting it is as well super time consuming. I mean, you join a new team, you get to know so many new people, you have new tasks to do and new responsibilities. And before you can say knife a half year went by.

But I was still using Instagram, I love Instagram. You meet so many inspiring people with inspiring photos. And the main plus is that you can use it way more quicker than writing a blogpost. 

However, now after few months in my new position I would say everything settled down a bit. And since few weeks I realized that I miss my blog. So here I am again. 

In addition to this blog I created a new one, where I just want to post about my books, about what I read and some recensions. Here is the link to my other blog, if you like to, check it out. 

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