Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

Brush Cleanser - ebelin vs. Kiko

Brush Cleansers are pretty convenient for spot cleaning. Especially when you want to create an eye makeup and use many different colors with only one makeup brush. 

In the past I used the cleanser from Kiko. I know that MAC has a brush cleanser, too, which is pretty expensive, I never used this one. Since this month there is finally a brush cleanser available at the drugstore DM

Today I am comparing the Kiko one with the ebelin brush cleanser. 

Kiko: 50ml for 5,90€
ebelin: 100ml for 3,95€

Let's clean some brushes:

I took 2 similar blending brushes for this test. I dipped them into dark eyeshadow and used three pumps from each product straight on the brushes. Afterwards I swirled them on a tissue.

First result:

You can see that there is more product left after the cleaning with the ebelin cleanser. 

Afterwards I used another pump of each product and swirled the brush again on the tissue to see if there is any product left in the brush.

Second result:

After a second step the brushes are clean. You can see on the photos that both cleansing effects are pretty good.

For spot cleaning this is definitely a good solution, I can recommend both products. For me this would never replace deep cleaning with water and soap though (which I hate ;) ).

The main difference between this two product is the smell! The Kiko Cleanser has a sweet fresh smell but the ebelin one smells pretty harsh like alcohol which I don't like. But if you know that and don't mind you can get definitely a good, low-priced product when you buy the ebelin cleanser. I am happy about the fact that there is a brush cleanser now available at the drugstore and even though I don't like the smell I would repurchase it anyway. 


  1. Ich hab mir auch kürzlich den Ebelin Cleanser geholt & bin schon ganz gespannt, wie der ist. :) Deine Meinung überzeigt mich schonmal. Ich denke aber eher, dass ich ihn nur für's kurze Reinigen zwischendurch verwenden werde - und sonst bei meiner Gallseife bleibe. :)
    Liebe Grüße nach Berlin :* <3

  2. Ich will den Ebelin Cleanser auch noch ausprobieren, den von Kiko aber auch :D
    Und wenn beide leer sind, welchen wirst du dir nachkaufen? ;)

  3. Nichts geht über Spüli bei sowas <3 :D

    Schönes Rest Wochenende wünsche ich dir noch! :)
    Aimie von Channel Of Creation