Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2014

Pumpkin-Apple-Cumble Muffins

Few days ago I made my own pumpkin spice sirup, as I had still some mashed pumpkin left I thought pumpkin muffins would be a good idea. 

This is how I did the delicious muffins:

(I am not super good with measurements, mostly I just stir everything together till it looks good, so the following is an estimation)

250g flour (sieved)
180g sugar
a pinch salt
spice mix: clove, ginger, cinnamon
2 eggs
180g mashed pumpkin
90ml oil
3 or 4 apples, cut up in small pieces

for the crumble part:

Mix flour, sugar, spices and salt together. 
In a separate bowl mix eggs, oil and the pumpkin and add it to the flour-mix. Mix everything together. Add the apple pieces and put the dough into muffin paper cups. 

For the crumble: mix all ingredients together and spread them over the muffin dough. 

Put everything for about 35 minutes into the oven.

As I like Halloween a lot and of course October is the Halloween month I used this cute pirate skull paper cups.

Make a delicious coffee or tea and enjoy! :)


  1. that looks so tasty! i am planning on making some pumkin soup... now i hope there'll be leftover pumpkin for some muffins ;)

  2. Eine großartige Idee. Ich habe zwar schon alles mögliche aus Kürbissen gekocht oder -backen, aber an Sirup habe ich bisher noch nie gedacht. :)

    Mit lieben Grüßen,
    Sarah Maria

  3. Die sehen ja lecker aus. Werden bei Gelegenheit mal nachgebacken.

    LG Schminktussi