Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

What I read - Part 3

What did I read in the third quarter of this year? Third quarter, unbelievable, he?! The year is almost over, for me this year just flew by like never before, like crazy, really... It feels like it was just January and it is October... Okay, before I totally freak out about that I quickly jump into my reading list from last quarter ;)

Tess Gerritsen: Abendruh
I am a huge fan of Gerritsen and I read every book from the Rizolli series and I loved them, like this one! It is an diverting and thrilling book like the other ones.

Veronica Roth: Insurgent / Tödliche Wahrheit
This is the second part of the series and I have to say that I liked it even more than the first book, which usually never happens. I am so much looking forward to read the third and last one. Not sure if I should watch already the film about the first part or if I should wait till I finish reading the books. 

Dan Brown: Inferno
I like Dan Brown, his spelling style is so super good that I usually only need few days to read the whole book. And the stories are always interesting and as well thrilling.

Kerstin Gier: Silber - Das erste Buch der Träume
It was a fabulous book! Amazing! Imaginative! Humorous! Really not only for kids or teenagers, I really recommend this beautiful book (and I am usually someone who loves thriller). I have already the second part here, but as the third one is coming up in summer 2015 I want to wait till I start to read the second one so that I don't have to wait that long till the last part :)

Kerstin Gier - Rubinrot
After I loved "Silber" that much I had to get Rubinrot, too. And what should I say I love this book as well. I really like the humor in this books. It doesn't happen that often that I really have to laugh out loud while reading but it happened to me both in Silber and as well in this one. The story is amusing, you can get so quickly through this book. Can't wait to read the rest of the story.

That's it, not that much... But I started reading and haven't finished yet: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (part 3), S. Fitzek's "Abgeschnitten" and J. Dashner's The Maze Runner ("Die Auserwählten im Labyrinth"). 


  1. how do you feel about lending books btw? i always feel like i would really like most of the books you read :D

  2. Ich will noch meine Nele Neuhaus Reihe fertig lesen (bin jetzt bei dem 5. Teil) und fange dann auch Tess Gerritsen an. Freu mich schon voll :)

  3. Ich muss echt mal mit Rubinrot anfangen... :)