Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

What I read - Part 2

Here is what I read in the second quarter of the year. I really need to take myself more time to read. I still have so many books to read at home and I am still buying more... :)

Chanel Francois Baudot
When you can't effort a Chanel bag you can at least buy Chanel books, right?! :)  And they look so good in your bookshelf or on your coffee-table ;)

Gillian Flynn: Gone Girl
I do like the story! But I have to agree with some of the reviews I read about the book that it is quite lengthy. 

Gillian Flynn: Cry Baby / Sharp Objects (engl.)
Before I have read Gone Girl I read Sharp Objects which was a fabulous book, and very thrilling. I finished it in one day. I would recommend this book more than Gone Girl to be honest.

Maike Grunwald, Anja Hölper: Vom Glück mit Katzen zu wohnen
Beautiful pics of beautiful cats who are living with their "parents" in beautiful flats or houses. Very inspirational, especially for cat lovers and crazy cat ladies like me.

Joanne K. Rowling: Harry Potter 2 and the Chamber of Secrets 
I just recently decided to read the Harry Potter books. End of last year I read the first book. Now I finished the second one and I have the third one already on my kindle. I love the books :) 

P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast: House of Night - Marked
Another fantasy, teenage book about vampires. House of Night is a school in which teenagers undergo the Change to become an adult vampire. The book is pretty easy to read, the story is not the newest but good though. I ordered this book together with the second part. But there are books I want to read before I start the second part.

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