Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

Tory Burch Sale

I wanted a typical pair of Tory Burch ballerinas for a long time but I couldn't take the last step and invest 220€ or more in them. 
Couple of weeks ago I was browsing through many online shops (and did too many online shopping) and found the sale at Tory Burch. Amazing bargain, I tell you! I had to place an order!

As I said I wanted to have a typical pair of Ballerinas, but they weren't on sale. So I ordered a pair of Tory Burch VIV in black / ivory as I fell immediately in love with them.

They are so beautiful <3 And super chic! 

Don't know why but after this pair arrived I visited the online shop again and found out that the Tory Burch Reva is on sale.... Japp, I placed another order and to be honest I really hoped that the size wouldn't fit but it does :) 

I am keeping both! I mean I get two at a price of one :) And I am really happy with that purchase. 


  1. das erste paar sieht unheimlich schick aus... mag eigentlich so spitze schuhe nicht, aber die sind einfach schön :) das zweite paar muss man wohl getragen sehen, ist aber auch hübsch ;)

  2. lieben dank für deine glückwünsche!
    diese woche wird's leider ein bisschen knapp mit einem kaffee, da ich momentan noch besuch habe und dann gleich in den urlaub fahre... vielleicht schaffen wir's ja im september :D