Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

Black Espadrilles

In the last few weeks I bought a ridiculous amount of new shoes. It is almost a bit embarrassing but hey, I love shoes. And life is too short, just get these shoes, right?! I am going to share my new babies here with you. 

Today I am starting with espadrilles. 

The hype started with the Chanel espadrilles, I would say. But they are not really affordable. Anyway I really wanted to have a pair of espadrilles for the summer. First pair I found was at H&M online. Unfortunately, I didn't like how they were looking at me feet and they weren't really comfortable. Then I found a pretty pair at Topshop and ordered them immediately.

They are really comfortable and feel good on my feet. Maybe it is because they are made of real leather. The quality is pretty good as well and I love the look of them. This is the closest I can get to the Chanel espadrilles I think :D They are pretty versatile and look good with jeans same as with long or short dresses / skirts. I am pretty happy that I finally found my pair of espadrilles.

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