Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

What I read - Part 1

I like to keep track of what I am reading throughout the year.
Here is a first overview about what I read from January to March.

Catherine Shepherd: Der Puzzlemörder von Zons (couldn't find an english translation)
This book was on sale in the kindle ebook store that's why I bought it. I have read better books before but it was quite good anyway.

Veronica Roth: Divergent
Hunger Games fans should love this story, I do so. Can't wait to start the second book (which is already waiting for months in my bookshelf).

Sebastian Fitzek: Noah
I just love reading Fitzek's books! All of them! This one is very critical of our society, something different to what he is usually writing about. Nevertheless, it is really worth to read this book.

Kathy Reichs: Virals
Reichs is the author of the Temperance Brennan books (Bones the TV show is based on this books). Chief character in the Virals series is Tory Brennan who is the niece of Temperance and a teenager who lives with his friends on a secluded island. I really liked the exciting story and I want definitely read the other books, too.

Marah Woolf: Silver Moon Light Part I and Part II
I like this kind of teenage, romantic, fantasy, easy books which you can just read in several hours and be just entertained for a bit. Usually, I am totally in to thrillers but from time to time I like this kind of books as well. It is a really lovely story. I still need to read the third part of it.

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