Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

The best about having vacation - Sunday thoughts

I love having vacation, I mean, who not, right?! 
As I've got these days off pretty spontaneously I haven't planned any travel. Instead I was staying home, running some errands, doing some Ikea shopping, reading, going out and enjoying a long needed relaxed and fun time. Oh and I did a lot online shopping, finally I had the time to browse through hundreds of online shops (and searching mainly for shoes^^). As soon as my orders will arrive I will make a post about my new goodies. It is funny that I prefer to do online shopping instead of going to the stores even though I have enough time, isn't it?! 

But the best thing for me about having holiday is the daily breakfast / brunch routine :) When I have enough time this is definetely my favorite meal of the day. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to prepare a delicious breakfast in my usual working week. I prefer to sleep a bit longer.

fruits with yogurt and fresh pressed orange juice

I love having a pineapple for breakfast

smoothies are always a good idea

strawberries <3

Having a delicious breakfast feels for me like everyday is a Sunday. I love that! 

Unfortunately, the vacation is over tomorrow. Back to daily business...


  1. alright... waiting for better weather then ;)

    your breakfasts look delicious btw !

  2. It looks delicious:) very nice inspiration!

    Missy ♡MyBlog♡