Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

Cozy Living Room Accessories

I found some pretty nice living room accessories the other day.

While doing some window shopping in one of our malls I spontaneously jumped into a store which is selling home furnishings (Dänisches Bettenlager). In the on-sale-area I found two blankets, each for 5€! Normally I am not really into stars pattern, or should I say I was not into stars pattern?! Because from the moment on I saw the blanket I was like: I have to have this one (or two)! :)

And while I was suddenly addicted to stars I found as well a tablecloth in another store (Xenos) in grey with star pattern. Fabulous match, isn't it?! 
I am looking forward to the fall season as I think this accessories will be more suitable for fall than for summer. Even though the current weather is reminding me already of fall.

In the same store I bought pretty table napkins. I am in love with them and thinking about getting another packet. The I LOVE HOME print is so cute.

Oh, and talking about stars, I bought some nice straws, few of them have stars printing :) This was totally by accident, i swear.

The funniest buy (Depot) this day was a container made of fabric with this fabulous print: Beauty is my business. I like this one, but I don't know what to put in it, yet. Maybe current favorite nail polishes?! :D Any ideas? 

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  1. nice finds :)

    if you have no idea whatsoever for this fabric container thingy try putting a plant inside (with a pot of course)... otherwise i imagine it makes for some cute bathroom storage?