Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Sunday Brunch

Mostly, I like to stay longer in bed on Sundays, snuggle with my cutie kitty, browse through instagram, watch youtube videos or read something. After staying several hours in bed I get up very hungry :) 
During the week when I have to get up early and be on time at work I usual don't have breakfast. I eat an apple or/and a banana and have a strong black coffee.
That's why I love to celebrate my Sunday breakfast. For example with a salmon bagel like today.

For the bagel I mixed cream cheese with feta cheese and green onions, salt, pepper and a hint of garlic. I put a thick layer of this cheese-mix on a bagel, layer salmon on top and cucumber slices. Super delicious :)

I like to have a soft-boiled egg and a Latte Macchiato on Sundays. In addition I love to add fruits to my breakfast and a smoothie. 

For the smoothie I mixed raspberries with a bit yoghurt and coconut milk in a mixer. I just recently discovered coconut milk for mixing my smoothies (I don't drink normal (cow)milk instead I use soy milk).

I love to start a Sunday with a good breakfast / brunch <3

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