Montag, 23. Juni 2014

Løv is beautiful

Today I want to write about tea. Okay, it is not that typical time of the year to drink tea but to be honest I can drink tea throughout the whole year. Especially when the tea is promising to make my skin healthy and glowing like Beautiful by Løv.

The Scandinavian brand Løv (which means leaf) is offering many different kind of teas in beautiful looking jars which are more than delicious. In addition the ingredients are organic, which I really like.

Beautiful is very fruity, with peach, mango and pineapple, I like the taste. It is definitely a kind of summer tea because of this fruity taste. 
I would say this is currently my favorite tea, I am drinking almost each day a cup.

I bought the tea in the KaDeWe in Berlin, but you can buy it as well online.

Have you tried Løv?

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