Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

Cozy Living Room Accessories

I found some pretty nice living room accessories the other day.

While doing some window shopping in one of our malls I spontaneously jumped into a store which is selling home furnishings (Dänisches Bettenlager). In the on-sale-area I found two blankets, each for 5€! Normally I am not really into stars pattern, or should I say I was not into stars pattern?! Because from the moment on I saw the blanket I was like: I have to have this one (or two)! :)

And while I was suddenly addicted to stars I found as well a tablecloth in another store (Xenos) in grey with star pattern. Fabulous match, isn't it?! 
I am looking forward to the fall season as I think this accessories will be more suitable for fall than for summer. Even though the current weather is reminding me already of fall.

In the same store I bought pretty table napkins. I am in love with them and thinking about getting another packet. The I LOVE HOME print is so cute.

Oh, and talking about stars, I bought some nice straws, few of them have stars printing :) This was totally by accident, i swear.

The funniest buy (Depot) this day was a container made of fabric with this fabulous print: Beauty is my business. I like this one, but I don't know what to put in it, yet. Maybe current favorite nail polishes?! :D Any ideas? 

The best about having vacation - Sunday thoughts

I love having vacation, I mean, who not, right?! 
As I've got these days off pretty spontaneously I haven't planned any travel. Instead I was staying home, running some errands, doing some Ikea shopping, reading, going out and enjoying a long needed relaxed and fun time. Oh and I did a lot online shopping, finally I had the time to browse through hundreds of online shops (and searching mainly for shoes^^). As soon as my orders will arrive I will make a post about my new goodies. It is funny that I prefer to do online shopping instead of going to the stores even though I have enough time, isn't it?! 

But the best thing for me about having holiday is the daily breakfast / brunch routine :) When I have enough time this is definetely my favorite meal of the day. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to prepare a delicious breakfast in my usual working week. I prefer to sleep a bit longer.

fruits with yogurt and fresh pressed orange juice

I love having a pineapple for breakfast

smoothies are always a good idea

strawberries <3

Having a delicious breakfast feels for me like everyday is a Sunday. I love that! 

Unfortunately, the vacation is over tomorrow. Back to daily business...

Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014


Unfortunately, I was only once to Paris but it was amazing! We went there around New Year's Eve which made the city even more special because of all the Christmas lights. 

It is really an amazing city, you have to see once in life, there is so much to explore. 

L'Arc de Triomphe

Sacre Coeur

From the first second I saw the Eiffel tower I was truly fascinated. I can't describe what it is but there is something about the Eiffel tower that makes you immediately feel addicted to.

Isn't that a gorgeous view?!

Crème Brûlée of course

Chanel <3

definitely want to go to Paris again!

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014


I was in Dublin, Ireland almost exactly a year ago. While thinking about that I was looking for some pictures but unfortunately, I only made a few and the one below is my favorite :) I took it early in the morning on my way to work.

As I visited Dublin due to job-realted reasons I hadn't had the chance to explore the city or the beautiful landscapes of Ireland. And that is as well the reason why I don't really have many pics.

Maybe I will get the chance to visit Ireland again.

This sign is so cute and funny!

Dublin Airport

Montag, 23. Juni 2014

Nail-polish Fun with essie

I would definitely say that essie nail-polishes are my absolutely favorite! I like to combine them and create some cute nail art.

Fiji + Need a vacation

Glossybox June: Stars and Stripes Edition

The only reason why I refreshed my subscription with Glossybox a month ago was the Stars and Stripes Edition. Normally I am not a huge fan of all these beauty boxes, I mean I kind of like the surprise but in the end there are too many product I don't use because I found already my daily beauty routine, you know what I mean?! Anyway, I loved the Britain Box last year so I thought I would love the Stars and Stripes Box as well. 

Last week the box arrived and lucky me, I was right! I absolutely love this box!

This was in my box:

Løv is beautiful

Today I want to write about tea. Okay, it is not that typical time of the year to drink tea but to be honest I can drink tea throughout the whole year. Especially when the tea is promising to make my skin healthy and glowing like Beautiful by Løv.

The Scandinavian brand Løv (which means leaf) is offering many different kind of teas in beautiful looking jars which are more than delicious. In addition the ingredients are organic, which I really like.

Beautiful is very fruity, with peach, mango and pineapple, I like the taste. It is definitely a kind of summer tea because of this fruity taste. 
I would say this is currently my favorite tea, I am drinking almost each day a cup.

I bought the tea in the KaDeWe in Berlin, but you can buy it as well online.

Have you tried Løv?

Lip Product Addict - TAG

As I saw this TAG on youtube for the first time I immediately knew I have to join in! I am totally a lip product addict. I have tons of lip products in my bag, I love to know I have everything I would need with me, I love to buy lip products but to be honest, I could use them more often. Especially lipsticks! 

Fave Balm / Treatment:
I love Rève de Miel by Nuxe but I am using it only at home usually before bed. The pot is not very convenient to carry it around but it is a really good lip balm.
My favorite balm I always carry with me is Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. It is a balm and at the same time a gloss with only a hint of color. This kind of product is my favorite.

Best eye-catching red:
I am not really a person who is wearing eye-catching red lip color, even though I love it on others. But if I would wear a red MAC's Lady Bug would be the one I would choose.

Best luxury & best drugstore
My best luxury lip product is Crystal Baby by Estée Lauder, it is a nice, wearable color you can use each day. For best drugstore I have to choose Pinkadilly Circus by Catrice (which is a German drugstore brand). The color is amazing, even though I am not wearing red that often I loved wearing this pink last fall. Not only because of the amazing color it is as well pretty long-lasting. I really like this one.

Best MAC lipstick
I have to choose Viva Glam Cyndi by MAC one of my all time favorites. I love it so much that I don't want to use it because I am afraid to use it up, crazy he?!

The most disappointing 
This is the Universal Lip Glow by L'Oreal. The taste was horrible, I mean really horrible and it seems to be useless as I couldn't see or feel anything on my lips. I bought it ages ago, now it is so old and already dry that no one could use it ever again. Regret buying this one, it goes straight to the bin without ever being really used.

Liner - yes or no
I have few but I don't use them to be honest.

Best gloss
My favorite and most used lip gloss is Florabundance by MAC. It's almost empty and I definitely going to buy a new one!

Something extra
wasn't really sure what to show in this last point but I think it is fun showing you what I was carrying with me in my bag before I cleaned it up for doing this post :)

I like this kind of TAGs, especially because afterwards my bag is tidy again :)

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Sunday Brunch

Mostly, I like to stay longer in bed on Sundays, snuggle with my cutie kitty, browse through instagram, watch youtube videos or read something. After staying several hours in bed I get up very hungry :) 
During the week when I have to get up early and be on time at work I usual don't have breakfast. I eat an apple or/and a banana and have a strong black coffee.
That's why I love to celebrate my Sunday breakfast. For example with a salmon bagel like today.

For the bagel I mixed cream cheese with feta cheese and green onions, salt, pepper and a hint of garlic. I put a thick layer of this cheese-mix on a bagel, layer salmon on top and cucumber slices. Super delicious :)

I like to have a soft-boiled egg and a Latte Macchiato on Sundays. In addition I love to add fruits to my breakfast and a smoothie. 

For the smoothie I mixed raspberries with a bit yoghurt and coconut milk in a mixer. I just recently discovered coconut milk for mixing my smoothies (I don't drink normal (cow)milk instead I use soy milk).

I love to start a Sunday with a good breakfast / brunch <3